Saca’s 25th Celebrations start this Wednesday! And here are the Deals and Specials you can enjoy starting Wednesday November 1st  through Wednesday November 8th:
  • $1.00 off our “Fantastique” Falafel Sandwich French Style,
  • $1.00 off our Laban Chicken Sandwich,
  • $2.00 off our Laban Chicken Platter,
  • $2.00 off our Beef Kabob Platter,
  • $2.00 off our boxes of Baklavas,
  • 25% off our New BATCH Craft Soda made locally with natural ingredients and pure cane sugar.
  • 10 % of any catering order
  • And, with each of your visit,  a chance to enter into a drawing to win a $100.00 Catering Coupon.
There is never been such a great opportunity to try Saca’s fresh and delicious new dishes. Don’t miss out!

Thank You for 25 Years of appreciation for the work our team does everyday to serve you fresh healthy food.

There will be many so sign up to get a regular updates on those and don't miss out on what you deserve: our Thank You!

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