Falafel Friday

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10 More Reasons to Crave for Saca’s Mediterranean Cuisine

If you are one of those who always crave for Saca’s delicious Falafels, you don’t need another reason to come to Saca’s… or maybe not! Here are 10 new reasons to come more often:

  1. Saca’s new Bowls: a good balance of fiber and proteins to satisfy the hungry, perfect for lunch or dinner, for dine-in or to go. You can make your own bowl with your choice of Salad with our French Vinaigrette, Rice Pilaf or French Fries; all topped with our new Greek Pico and your choice of Meat and Sauce.
  2. Saca’s New Red Hummus: Our traditional Hummus recipe blended with Red Roasted Bell Pepper: savory, creamy and fresh.
  3. Saca’s New Spicy Feta Fries: Crispy French Fries with shredded Feta Cheese and Saca’s new Signature Spicy Sesame Sauce.
  4. Saca’s New Piperi Chicken: Chicken Breast marinated in Greek Spices and lemon juice, then sizzled a la plancha. A little spicy but so moist.
  5. Saca’s New Beef Kalamaki: Beef traditional in a traditional Greek Marinade, sizzled on a hot plate and rested to perfection.
  6. Saca’s New French Vinaigrette: A fresh dressing, creamy, sweet and tangy with a pinch of oregano.
  7. Saca’s New Spicy Sesame Sauce: For those who like it hot. Rich, creamy, with a double spicy kick!
  8. Saca’s New Greek Pico: A new topping for our Bowls and Salad, with fresh diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and pickled turnips. Crunchy, fresh and flavorful.
  9. Saca’s Kabobs now A La Carte: For those on a special diet, our Kabobs are now available a la carte.
  10. Another bit for the environment: Every time we have the opportunity to improve on our processes and minimize the impact on the environment of what do, we will act on it. That’s why we are introducing Strawless lids for our Iced Moroccan Mint tea, Iced Spiced Coffee and Batch Craft Sodas and a new compostable bowls with recyclable lids for our salads.

Falafel Day is June 12th!

We are very excited to celebrate Falafel Day on June 12th. If you are craving for our renowned Falafel, come to Saca’s to enjoy all our Specials on that day. There are so many way to get your healthy protein boost: Falafel Salad, Falafel side, Falafel Platter, Falafel Sandwich Original, Falafel Greek Style Sandwich, Falafel Italian Style Sandwich, Falafel French Style Sandwich. Don’t miss Falafel Day at Saca’s!

Always made fresh to order, Saca’s Falafels are the best falafels you’ll ever have !

Saca’s caters the Claremont Chamber Women’s Luncheon at Casa Colina.

Saca’s caters the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce luncheon

Don’t forget your Valentine!

Saca’s 25th in Claremont

Batch Craft Soda now at Saca’s!