Homemade Drinks

  • Saca’s Iced Mint Tea
    Premium Green Tea brewed with Fresh Mint Leaves, unsweetened and addictive.
  • Saca’s Iced Spiced Coffee
    Coffee brewed with Roasted Cinnamon sticks, Cloves and Cardamon pods, lightly sweetened and served iced. Unique and refreshing.

Batch Craft Sodas

California Locally Produced, Gluten Free, Pure Cane Sugar, Fountain Soda!

  • Cola
    Enjoy the vivacious, deep & full-bodied flavor of Batch Craft Cola. All the qualities you would expect from a classic “movie theater” Cola beverage. Made from natural sugar cane, cola nut. Batch Cola is guaranteed to quench your thirst.
  • Diet Cola
    Same satisfying taste with guilt free enjoyment! Batch Craft Diet Cola, sugar free and zero calories. This bubbly treat will satisfy your taste buds with every sip.
  • Pink Lemonade
    This sweet and refreshing tart-treat will make any hot summers day a breeze. Batch Craft Pink Lemonade is crafted to perfection and is a wonderful addition to your summer’s picnic, beach visit or hiking adventure.
  • Ginger Beer
    Bold, natural and distinctive flavors have created this tantalizing and intense treat that is guaranteed to give your taste buds that Ginger Gusto you would expect from a Batch Craft Ginger Beer. Crafted from quality natural ingredients, Batch Craft Ginger Beer is an excellent mixer ingredient (Moscow Mule) as well as on its own.
  • Shirley Temple
    The original and delicious “soda parlor” Shirley Temple, which has been creating smiles on faces young and old for the past half a century. Batch Craft Shirley Temple is an excellent mix of sweet and fruity flavors. Bubbly to the last drop!
  • Boysenberry
    Boysenberries are native berries of California. A cross between the European raspberry, a European blackberry, an American dewberry, and the Loganberry, the Boysenberry has perfect flavors to balance a refreshing bubbly craft soda.